Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Einstein Knew That You Would Come Some Day

Einstein spoke of the evolution of knowledge; and, its applications to understanding our direct and individual impact upon the manner in which the universe will unfold.

Yes, he did perceive that your physical and emotional mass and energy potential may move not only mountains; but, further, that you - yes, you ! - possess the specific potential to determine events of cause and effect in this great and massive space of time and motion.

To understand your direct potential ability to make things better or worse on our planet Earth - or, to put out the light of the Sun ! - imagine that you are the pit of an orange; and, that I am the peel of this fruit.

Now, we are going to exchange places. I am going to become the pit and you are going to become the peel. And, we are going to accomplish this motion simultaneously and without causing either one of us to come apart at the seams - or, in passing, without either of us sacrificing our physical or emotional integrity.

This is accomplished through physical paradigms that may be described as being like a mobius loop entwined in inverse differential topology [1] - and, yes, YOU CAN DO IT !

In fact, you ARE doing it right now !

So, therefore, in order for YOU to have CONSCIOUS impact upon destiny - evolution - YOU MUST establish a PLAN !

This plan becomes your prescription for how the UNIVERSE will evolve ... REALLY ! It is this simple.

And, again, that was how EISTEIN moved from being a child labouring with simple algebra; to one who has fashioned such a great and simple statement about the evolution of the state of matter - the universe.

No ONE thing in LIFE is any more complicated than THIS plan that you will fashion - and, now !

The physical law is this ... Your POSITIVE plan ... YOUR statement about how YOUR life will evolve is directly related to HOW YOU will focus YOUR POTENTIAL into physical effect.

Take a look at how Aristotle spoke to his students about the atom. Envision the daily excitement of Da Vinci; Curie, Zheng He; Gandhi; Tesla, or Earhart.

Explore your full POTENTIAL by choosing to recognize that YOUR life is as important as any other piece of matter in the universe - and, truly ! that YOU possess the opportunity to change evolution.

Remember that the law of physics that applies to the universe is CHAOS. And, this rather unique statement of creation is as simple and as predictable - yes, predictable - as the event of gravity when dew falls from an apple and heads to the ground.

Remember ! Remember ! Remember ! that YOU CHOOSE when we will exchange places ! When I will become the PIT and you will become the PEEL !

ENJOY !!! this empowerment ! YOU are NOT disenfranchised - except through your own personal CHOICE ! You possess as much potential as the nuclear bomb ! YOU can create a HOLE in the universe - like the eye of a needle - through which all things will pass.

There is not a moment that you will loose this massive opportunity - except through YOUR specific and individual choice.

AND, THEREFORE, you are invited to join with us in moving forward with social and physical change in this rather unique home called EARTH. You ARE one who MATTERS ! This becomes YOUR choice. Do YOU wish to participate ?

Of course, you wish to participate - WHY would you NOT wish to JOIN ?

There is NO COST.

You merely advise everyone that you ARE Joining. Make this simple statement: The date, time and, place; who you are : citizen of what country; and, how you can be contacted.

And, if you wish - and, we do appreciate this - you may also send us a note by email to touchstone_committee@shaw.ca or lifeonearth@shaw.ca ; and, with this note of declaration by you, we will enter you into our data base as an individual who has now determined to Join The Evolution.

Finally, we request that you send us a communication periodically to advise and update us about your noticed effect and impact about your leverage of the universe.

Thank you. And, have a good day !

Respectfully, Chair of the Touchstone Committee - founded in 1975
salus populi suprema est lex : the right of the people is the supreme law - Cicero, 43 BC